Uipath App sharing


I share a UiPath app with my coleagues, issus is when the run it on the machines, the UI Assistant cant access the process.


The bot is attended.

Please assist on infor regarding app share, license and permission for user to use the shared app without any problems.


Please check this .I hope this helps


@Anil_G ,

I implemented the solution you suggested, now when i try to acces the app on my phone or different user account (which i sharedd the app with) i get the "UiPath Assistant is required to complete this action.

Sgould UiPath assistance be installed in users’ machine for the to run the app.

I am gonna share also the group and role configs i did following you solution(see images config 1-4




On your phone…please navigate to cloud.UiPath.con from browser and then try opening the app from there…


It also does the same on a user logged in a desktop machine, and they have no UiPath assistant installed.

quick question does users need to have UiPath studio or assisstant installed in their machine?


The bot type shpuld be set to unattemded els eyou will see this error message

If attended then yes you need assiatant


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