UiPath APPS - Group assignment - Run App Invitation


In UiPath APPS a group of users has permission to run APP.

If I add a new user to this group, how do I know (well, without asking him),
that he got eMail with Invitation to Run App?

I already know UiPath does it whenever I assign a single user to the APP,
but now I would like to assign a group of users to APP.

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Alas I don’t have an answer to that but i was wondering whether i can ask you something. I assume that each user doesn’t have an attended bot license because it would get really expensive. How did you configure the group so that perhaps a single license is used?

Hi, @dacostri

we have configured robot as unattended:

Group has no license allocated:

And Group has access to run APP:

And it works. :slight_smile:

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Almost there :slight_smile:

It all works when i’m triggering the app from the machine that hosts the unattended bot but not from a different machine. I thought that the App URL would simply connect to Orchestrator and then to the unattended robot machine :-/


So does this mean that the unattended bot needs to be installed on all Machines that use the App? I guess that’s where a machine template comes in then because multiple machines but one license.

Hi @dacostri ,

it is working for us. We can connect from any other machine with App Invite and run it.
Check permissions. Sometimes it needs up to 15 minutes to actualize or re-login.

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Thank you for the help! I think the problem is that it doesn’t work as i expected. Studio with Assistant needs to be installed on the machine that you use to start the App via the Invite. The excel sheets that the process needs is on Machine A but i’m triggering the App from Machine B. I wanted the App to be triggered from Machine B but any unattended bot processing should be done one Machine A. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s weird because the process on Machine A can be triggered via Orchestrator on Machine B, so why on earth doesn’t the App follow the same logic.

Not sure whether I’m making sense :frowning:

Hi @dacostri

This might solve your problem:

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Thanks. Will try that…

Just one last thing :slight_smile: … What is installed on the machine that has the App Invite? Ie: Seems to need the assistant.