UiPath APPS - Group assignment - Run App Invitation


In UiPath APPS a group of users has permission to run APP.

If I add a new user to this group, how do I know (well, without asking him),
that he got eMail with Invitation to Run App?

I already know UiPath does it whenever I assign a single user to the APP,
but now I would like to assign a group of users to APP.

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Alas I don’t have an answer to that but i was wondering whether i can ask you something. I assume that each user doesn’t have an attended bot license because it would get really expensive. How did you configure the group so that perhaps a single license is used?

Hi, @dacostri

we have configured robot as unattended:

Group has no license allocated:

And Group has access to run APP:

And it works. :slight_smile:

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Almost there :slight_smile:

It all works when i’m triggering the app from the machine that hosts the unattended bot but not from a different machine. I thought that the App URL would simply connect to Orchestrator and then to the unattended robot machine :-/


So does this mean that the unattended bot needs to be installed on all Machines that use the App? I guess that’s where a machine template comes in then because multiple machines but one license.

Hi @dacostri ,

it is working for us. We can connect from any other machine with App Invite and run it.
Check permissions. Sometimes it needs up to 15 minutes to actualize or re-login.

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Thank you for the help! I think the problem is that it doesn’t work as i expected. Studio with Assistant needs to be installed on the machine that you use to start the App via the Invite. The excel sheets that the process needs is on Machine A but i’m triggering the App from Machine B. I wanted the App to be triggered from Machine B but any unattended bot processing should be done one Machine A. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s weird because the process on Machine A can be triggered via Orchestrator on Machine B, so why on earth doesn’t the App follow the same logic.

Not sure whether I’m making sense :frowning:

Hi @dacostri

This might solve your problem:

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Thanks. Will try that…

Just one last thing :slight_smile: … What is installed on the machine that has the App Invite? Ie: Seems to need the assistant.

Hi @dacostri

sorry for late response, I was away…

Today I made a test as user on a machine without UiPath Studio or Assistant and it is working for me:

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Hi @dacostri

also at the tenant level the role has to be defined:

Hi there.

Thanks for all the advice and it works perfectly for a stand-alone app (ie: a label) but fails when a process must be triggered. Perhaps it can be a future improvement to the App feature or it was designed this way :slight_smile:

What was tested:
1] Invited user - with no UiPath software - is invited to use the App and receives an email.

2] Invited user is given enough permissions that they can run the process from the UiPath Cloud.

3] They run the process it triggers the process on the unattended robot which is on a different machine.

4] They then run the app - via the invite or even directly on the UiPath Cloud and they get the following error. Note: Bank of America image is just a random picture :slight_smile:


So the App opens but when it triggers the My Test App process it fails because the App expects the process to exist on the user’s machine. That’s why it works like a charm when the same steps are taken but on the machine hosting the unattended bot.

So it seems like all invited users must at least have UiPath Assistant which also shares the unattended bot license. I was hoping that multiple users could use the App but the process runs on one machine.


Other than this, I think this is a UiPath Feature that could make a huge difference but i don’t see the full benefit until this gets resolved. With UiPath, each process user must have an account and as a minimum, the Assistant. This is how licensing is managed.