UiPath and PGP?

Hello not sure who to contact on this one,

Does UiPath “support” or is the robot.exe, unattended bot able to access a PGP encrypted directory - with an excel file that it will read into memory, delete a column of info, update, copy to another PGP directory within the same location “archive” then delete the original file? - Enterprise.


Hi @ALalla917,
I would ask you differently. How normally (manually) are you accessing this type of directory?

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It’s pre-setup. So the key is associated with a users login and machine is my understanding. So it should be a “behind the scenes” thing. Unless there’s something else that would be needed for Orchestrator I would guess…

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In orchestrator (depends of course of robot type) you are running workflows on user thread (attended robot) or separate user logon (unattended robot). Based on this I guess if PGP rights are set for current user you are using attended robot then should work. In case of unattended you need to configure PGP for user which is configured in orchestrator.

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If that’s it then sounds doable. Thank you!

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