UiPath Academy Release - 360 training

UiPath Academy Release - 360 training

New courses are now available on the Academy! :woman_student: :robot: :man_student:

The Foundation training has been retailored according to your feedback. The videos have been split into single topic tutorials, to smoothen the learning process; some test questions have been removed, and new ones have been added.

There is new material as well! :books: Five new courses that cover most RPA Center of Excellence roles have also been added:

  • RPA Awareness
  • Business Analyst
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Solution Architect
  • Infrastructure (Admin approval) - Addressed to licensed users only.

You can find all the new trainings on the Academy platform.


That’s a great news :slight_smile: Looking forward to go through them all.:+1:


Good! I will get to it right away. Curious what the new things will be in the Revamped Foundation training.

For the Infrastructure one - where you need admin approval - what are the prerequisites? I now clicked on the button, assuming that it would highlight more information, but it went straight to ‘waiting’.

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Great to hear! The Infrastructure course is only available for UiPath licensed users. If you are part of a company that has purchased licenses from us your request for enrollment will be approved.

For more details regarding the Academy releases, please check out the Academy Release Notes page: UiPath Release Notes


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Thank you. Then it should be OK, as that is the case.

Edit: approved now and working on it!


Nice!. But I think, “Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped” and “Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.2 Training” should be automatically made completed, to the automators who have already completed the previous versions of these tutorials. Peace.

Hi Roxana,

To start with, I’ve already completed the SA Tutorial and I really love the progress. I’ve learned a bunch of practical stuff that I can already start using tomorrow, thanks a lot!

Regarding Infrastructure training. Although I assume that the content will be clear to partners, still, can I as reselling partner get access to the training? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Roxana_Stratila,

It is a great and good opportunity to learn more deep except the development. I completed the “Solution Architect” . Really it is superb. The concepts and explanations are really amazing. It is very useful. The “Key responsibility of Architect” and "The stage of an RPA Project " are excellent . Mainly the The code review is perfect fit with my live work.

UiPath is always prepared the materials with live work environment.

Thank you Uipath.
Thank you Roxana_Stratila.



Hi @Roxana_Stratila,

I have Enrolled for “Level-1 Foundation Training Revamped” got suspended and after 24 hrs I retook the tests and completed finally I’m not able to take final test attached the the image.please help me to retake the test.

Hi Mohan,

In order to be able to take the quiz again you need to go through the course again and we consider that having failed the quiz 3 times in a row might require additional learning.

Good luck!

Hello @Roxana_Stratila,

I have revisited the lessons and assignments,test still I’m not able finish the feed back form.
I hope this is bug from the academy though I have completed Revamped training still I have the same issue.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @Roxana_Stratila ,

I have a license for my client and I am working for the same client project but my enrollment is not approved for Infrastructure course can you please help me with this.


Very interesting courses. I have completed all of them