UiPath Insights Course

Hello everyone,The UiPath Insights course is now available.

The 2 hrs long course is designed to help RPA COE members (COE Leads, RPA Developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Implementation Managers, RPA Admins) and Business users (Analysts, Process and Business Owners, Executive Leadership) that are looking to understand the analytics solution for measuring RPA deployments on our platform.

At the end of it you should be able to:

  • Define what UiPath Insights is;
  • Describe the benefits of using UiPath Insights;
  • Analyze operational and strategic KPIs by using the four out-of-the-box dashboards: Processes, Jobs, Queues and Business ROI;
  • Customize widgets and dashboards;
  • Add custom data into UiPath Insights;
  • Create and manage alerts by using the Pulse feature;
  • Share dashboards with other members in the organization.


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Happy Learning, everyone!