RPA Developer Course Redesign | Selectors Public Review Session

Hello RPA Developers,

As the UiPath Academy is redesigning the RPA Developer Course (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced), by targeting a more technical Audience (junior and senior RPA developers that want to learn RPA through UiPath), we just opened a Public Review Session for the Selectors lesson prototype that has been designed so far.

For a little bit of a background, here are the 4 most important points raised by our students, partners, engineers and developers, that we plan to address:

  • Link the concepts and tools with business and real-life scenarios
  • Facilitate just in time learning by unlocking the sequential approach of the modules and adding text to support the videos and practical demonstrations
  • Emphasize good case practices in the lessons, based on the field experience of the developers
  • Go for a global approach by ensuring the balance between the tendencies observed on all our major markets

The time for change is now and we need you to get involved.

Please have a look over this link and input your thoughts for the following feedback categories:

  • Look and feel
  • Technical accuracy and universal approach
  • Ease of following the content
  • Practical exercises and good case practices

Please bear in mind that the videos in the lessons are not final, as they will get re-recorded, edited and will receive voice-over.

The Public Review session is going to stay open until Thursday, July 18th, 2019.

So don’t wait, help us make it even better :slight_smile:

Happy Learning.



Hello Maciej,

I like the possibilities of the UiPath Academy. Your new concept looks very good. In your example I missed nothing at the accuracy and in my opinion is it easy to follow. The exercises fits very well. I like the possiblity to download the spoken text of the video. In my experience it contains often very interesting information.

Thank you very much.

Best regards


Hi @loginerror

This is a great effort. Thanks a lot for those improvements. It looks great now…

Look and feel is great…
I do like the fact that you are able to download the videos. This is a very helpful feature for the students who go through these courses. The content is in a good standardized format where it is quite easy to go through and understand. The level of explanation is quite good in both videos and in the page. Lot of information is covered to understand how to address challenging scenarios.

Apart from that, there were few typo’s here and there… but not much… I suppose those will be addressed in the final versions to come…

Overall, this is a great effort. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hey @loginerror

  1. Look and feel - Better than the current Academy design. It is more user-friendly.
  2. Techincal accuracy and universal approach - It provides concepts that are necessary to undestand what it really is about and what it caters to the user.
  3. Ease of following the content - Yes, it is easy. It has structure and a ladderized way of teaching.
  4. Practical exercises and good case practices - It is a good idea to add more practical exercises so that we can really grasp what it’s importance is and where can we possibly use it in the near future.

However, there is one thing that I want to be added: Quizzes. Quizzes before proceeding to the next chapter or section will help users to refresh their knowledge. Not a typical one, but more of a use-case or a situational questions.

Then you can also identify if the current section helps the user depending on the quiz score. If you are receiving low quiz scores on that particular section, then you may need to revamp/improve that section.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Thanks and best of luck,


Hi @loginerror

Thanks a lot for those improvements.

Look and feel is great but I like the previous look because of Color combination.
Feature of download videos is great.
The content is in a good standardized . Practical exercise and use case is good

Apart from that, sound of video is not clear in some video

Overall, this is a great effort. Thank you so much



Looks and feels great. It would be worthwhile to buy a simple audio setup for recording audio for the video’s. I had to turn the volume up all the way on my pc and in the video in order to barley hear the instructions in the Introduction to selectors. I about jumped out of my chair when I got an email notification about half way though.


Hi @loginerror

The looks feels good and for the Technicality yes it was organize and also for the content it was very easy to follow the structure of the content.And also for Exercises maybe we need to put more!

Happy Learning :smiley:



I really appreciate the ability to download the videos, we’ve had a heck of a time with our proxies with the recent move to the cloud and that should help quite a bit.

I like the new layout, easy to follow and feels good to scroll through.


YES, It would definitely be worth investing some good effort into the voice over, using professional equipment, and employing the services of a voice over specialist, making the presentation engaging. As @loginerror mentioned: “Please bear in mind that the videos in the lessons are not final, as they will get re-recorded, edited and will receive voice-over.” I look forward to this new make over, and together with the other redesign already in place - the great look and feel of this new revamp, technical accuracy, ease of following, linking the concepts and tools with business and real-life scenarios etc.,


The new layout format for the training materials makes it alot easier to navigate and makes the learning experience a lot smoother.

I agree with @Jan_Brian_Despi that quizzes are useful for knowledge retention and useful in order to progress, as some people may just skip through to say they have completed X training etc.



UI Is Good, but few changes might help,

  • If i click on resolve on comments section, it is disappearing, instead it can be minimized
  • Show resolved comments option is hidden (next to feedback button) many people wont even get where is it placed
  • If i minimize the navigation bar at left to get more space to read/watch video, once i complete chapter I have to Undo/maximize again Instead we can place the next&Previous button at the end of each chapter
  • Sorting feedback have the toggle button, instead we can have the drop down to have more options (like assenting, descending, by user, by chapter etc…)
  • Search bar at left-side, it would be great if auto-suggestions appear. To search I have to hit enter every time



Looks good overall.

  • Look and feel: Personally I prefer a more simple UI that’s easier to navigate because of it’s simplicity, but that’s likely just a personal preference. It does look better than previously, more flashy for sure.

  • Technical accuracy and universal approach: Content seems appropriate and good.

  • Ease of following the content: With re-recordings done the videos will be fine and the transcripts are very useful.

  • Practical exercises and good case practices: I think what is there is appropriate and you don’t want to over do it. I’ve always been a fan of self-guided study so I think the onus should be on the student to develop their skills further.


I searched various resources for learning UI PATH and i find UI Path Academy THE BEST place to start. While I’m still learning the academy course i submit the following.

Too Good:
1.Course content is Easy to follow with “in lesson examples”
2.Practical exercise after each lesson and workflow downloads and important notes
download are very helpful.
3.Exam after each chapter - to test our knowledge.

My humble Requests:
Please remove the DIV that appears(BLUE COLOR with white text) at the bottom of the each lesson. Its covering some course content and i find it difficult to scroll each time in my 15 inch laptop screen and it doesn’t show the course progress correctly.

Learning Plan

RPA Developer

When i pause the course video to do the practical exercise in “Ui Pah Studio community edition” after a gap of 15 minutes or so, the paused video starts to play automatically though i have not invoked it, and it start to play along with another voice in the same lesson. I could hear two different audios(one from beginning of the lesson and another from where i paused) . I have to refresh the page once again to make it right.


Check out two more review sessions, and more to come :slight_smile:
These two will stay open until Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

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RPA Developer Course Redesign | Error and Exception Handling Public Review Session

In the future, feel free to follow #academy category for pinned topics with these reviews :slight_smile: The Academy team is excited about all the feedback you have provided and cannot wait for more :slight_smile:


Hi, I think these changes are great because they make the learning more “Real world”. I like the example of the Postman which makes understanding what a “Selector” is easier to understand than the prior Lesson on this topic. I just finished the “Bus Analyst”, Level 1 Foundation and am now taking Level 2 - Orchestrator. Couple of things I noticed during the courses:

  1. Sometimes a task or process specific that the course outlines to do cannot be found by the User in UiPath. Either the teacher did not specifically tell the students where to find it or the name given is not the same in the UI or the name given is not intuitive and needs explanation.
  2. Because I have a full time job which I will be using this training for when I finish I cannot take the classes one after another. I can work on the training for a couple hours one day then a couple of days later maybe more hours. In order to remember all the content and be able to review I have to take lots of notes. So, it would be great to have some sort of downloadable doc that covers what is in the videos.
  3. Lastly, i think it would be helpful in the practical exercises to not just tell the students “do this, then do that” but why they are doing each step because that really helps the learning curve.

This Re-Design looks to be going in the right direction! Thanks.