RPA Developer Foundation Training - Final Test

How many attempts are available after 3 attempts in final test

You get locked out for 24 hours and then as mentioned on the UiPath website, you’ve got to redo the training and take the test again. That is if you fail the final test 3 times.

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Hi @indra
You have another 3 left.

First, there are 3 available. After that, the quiz gets blocked for 24h. In addition, you will have to go again though all the materials(basically to redo the training, study a little more). And after this, you will get 3 more attempts available.

Good luck!

Hi All,

I am planning to appear for the RPA Developer Foundation Training - Final Test in March and would appreciate if anyone can share some tips on how to successfully complete this.
Also, is it possible to install UI path on our system so that I can get some hands on too.

Arti Sood

Hi @ArtiSood

Please be aware of the structure of the Academy. It offers several courses, and the one you have mentioned is just the first available level:
RPA Developer Foundation Training
It ends with a test based on the learning material and should not be difficult to pass. At the end, you receive a diploma from the Academy.

Then, there more courses, mainly level 2 and level 3. Level 3 will be the one you want to pass before proceeding further.

After you are done with the Academy and all three levels, you will have three diplomas. Neither of those is the same as the certificate from certification platform.

The certification platform is above all those previous trainings and as of today is free for promotional purpose. Passing the certification process will give you a certificate.

I hope it is clear :slight_smile: My main point is this - don’t wait until March to take the test for the foundation training as this is just the beginning of your journey :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your response!

I agree with you! Hoping to finish this course much before March, just trying to balance out work with it. :slight_smile:

Do you also know if we can install UI path on our laptops? Additionally, any tips for the first course exam? :slight_smile:

Hi loginerror,

So the certification would be testing on all the three levels of learning. In the UiPath Academy I see there are course videos on RPA Awareness, Level 1 RPA Developer Foundation, Level 2 Orchestrator, Level 3 RPA Developer Advanced, Business Analyst, SAP automation, Implementation Methodology, Solution Architect.

Do we have to be well versed with all these for the certification or Level wise learning would be sufficient?
Will this training be sufficient for us to crack the certification?
If we need extra learning, what should be the course content and where do I get the resource?

Another addition is will the learning on Community edition be sufficient for us to take the certification?

Hi @ArtiSood

I have Finished my Level 1 Foundation last week and passed in first attempt .Passing score: 70% . It contains 3 continuous attempts and if you fail all attempts, it will be locked for 24 hours, then you need to go through all lessons again to unlock it. I suggest to learn practically with scenarios available in course.

Yes, you can install uipath studio by requesting community edition. They will send the file to download within 24 hours. Below is the link to request:

I hope it clears all your doubts. Please let me know if you need further help.

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As mentioned by @sonesh.bansal, you can install the Community Edition for free :slight_smile:

As to the learning scope, I believe the three level based trainings and some vb.net skills should be enough to crack the certification.


Yes, Community Edition doesn’t have any restrictions in this regard. It barely has any at all :slight_smile: (as far as non-Enterprise usage is concerned).

Thanks a lot Sonesh!! I have requested for the download… Hoping to clear the certification too :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot! Have requested for the download, shall wait to get started. :slight_smile:


thanks for your response

Hi Team

I have given the final test for 1st attempt with 68%

But during the 2nd attempt when click on submit it gave error - 404 Forbidden and logged out
I am not able to submit after login

Now it is saying i have reached maximum views

Kindly provide the remaining 2 attempt which i have.

Hi @ganeshs09

Please contact our Academy Support via this form to get direct help: