UiPath Studio Pro loosing keystrokes

I am facing annoying situation, while developing in UiPath Studio Pro.

When i am changing variable name or adding annotation, and I am typing fast, UiPath is loosing keystrokes. It feels like my keyboard keys don’t work sometimes but i have tested it and for everything else it works fine.

Anyone faced this? Is there way to fix it?


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I didn’t face this issue, but chances are to check your RAM and memory of your machine

Also check if any other background apps are consuming RAM which make the studio to respond slowly

Hope this may help you


Hey Srinivas. Thanks, it may be the case. Still UiPath Studio is the only app where this happens and I am using Visual Studio and other memory consuming apps.


So i have consulted this with 2 of my colleagues from work who are using exacly same pc. One of them is having the same problem. The other one used to have this problem but he resolved it some time ago. He couldn’t recall how.

Below is the gif of the issue. If anyone would have any tip on how to fix this that would be great.


Found this eventually and it solved the problem :slight_smile:

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