Why Uipath 19.8 v is very slow

Hi there,

My system is updated with all necessary software
RAM - 16GB
HDD - 1 TB

Uipath also i hve updated to latest version still the issue of slowness in the tool exist
Atleast Blueprism and AA is pretty faster but Uipath is literally slow

while working with selector when i am click on indicate on screen here it takes lot of time and then after selecting element also it almost takes a minute or two

this is really frustrting
i Checked everthing both Chrome and IE are latest updated ones and alone (without using Uipath) those browsers are working pretty well

somebody pls assist

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It is slow because it is robust! :grinning:

Just a guess: the anti virus software is checking too much?

No 19.8 it is really dam slow… comparatively previous version 19.7.

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Hi @rkelchuri

Ensure the temp files is deleted

like wnd run %temp% enter

Ashwin S


i use mccafe live and real time scanning is off

I do that frequently but no luck.
although the best practice to do that is when you have less RAM
My RAM is 16 GB

I use the same version… for me it seems to be fine… hmm… :thinking:

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Yes clearing temp works well. Thanks for advice…

I have this problem also. Can you share the location of temp file.


Here, temporary files in the sense not related to Uipath and system related files.

Start - > Run - > %temp% and Enter

Then select all files and delete it.

Hi @Prafull_B

Could you try giving Studio a fresh install? It might be that something got corrupted.

See here on how to make sure that there no leftover files:

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