UiDemo Help Please!

Hi All,

I have spent the last couple days working through the UiDemo example in the advanced training. I carefully worked through the walkthrough and got all the pieces to run and tested them.

However, as soon as I run everything together in Main.xaml, NOTHING works, it’s a mess. I don’t even know where to start or what to share here to help you help me.

I find the log files so unhelpful, I can’t make heads or tails of any of that nonsense. I do know that I don’t even make it out of the Init state. I get the fatal error log and it transitions to the end state. I have no idea where the damn exception is coming from!

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

Lets start with the exception message that you are getting in your output panel

Hi Nadim,

I have attached below a screenprint of my output panel. I should make a couple comments:

  1. It says that no assets were defined for the process. I don’t see how that can possibly be true. I even used a message box to inspect all the elements in the Config variable to check that my assets were in there. When I tested the initsetting and initapplications this problem was not there
  2. The system error at initialization log is the only thing telling me something went wrong SOMEWHERE in the init state. I find that the framework makes troubleshooting way harder. the excpetions are even harder to isolate.
  3. I can run again and get different result. sometimes i run and get 216 log items that shows that it went through all my config settings etc. What gives?
  4. It doesn’t like close application… Again, when I run that xaml by itself I have no issues.
  5. Thanks for helping out.

OK, can you show me your settings page from your config file?

Reason, it dosent find the app to close so it throws some warnings

Hi again Nadim,

I have pasted screenshots below of both my settings and assets sheets.

I tested the initsetting and initapplications together when going through the workflow. I had no issues. it read my asset names into the config file and when to orchestrator to get the asset values and used them appropriately. Now it is saying stuff like “no assets defined for the process” Totally bogus! I even used the message box to look at the Config dictionary.

Again, when I run closeapplications workflow by itself with UiDemo closed I don’t have problems.

Thanks for your help!

Hi again,

I have found the exception that was forcing me to the end state!

It was an unassuming addLogFields activity at the end of “if first run” sequence. it was trying to reference an item in Config that didn’t exist. I had to change the name.

Yes thats what i was pointing at. Log field that is there by default. :slight_smile:
You could remove the log field or just type a string value :slight_smile:

Congrats :wink: