UiDemo open application error

I am trying to complete the UiDemo in the advanced training. I am using the _Test.xaml file to check my my init all apps. When i give the file path as “in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString” in the file name it gives an error saying

Though I have the UiDemoPath in my assets as well as asset sheet in the excel file “Config”

Please help as I have been stuck for a few days now

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Instead of Assets tab in config.xlsx file, try to add the asset details in the settings tab.

nope. doesnt work

still shows the same error

Even this gives the same error

Just put the path in the OpenApplication directly and tell me it is working or not?

Hey i am facing same issue , I am doing level 3 REFramwork assignment and getting same error as above mentioned , please help

Hi Karthik,

I am having the same issue.

If you hard code the path into the “Open Application” activity it works but as soon as you point the path to the config file "in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString it throws the exception.

Hi @Nicolette

It means the workflow is failing to read the configuration from the config file or you are not passing the config object to other invoked workflows (in_Config has to be assigned in the arguments panel of invoked workflow activity).

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for your response.

The in_Config argument has been assigned, please see screenshot: