UiDemo Assignment- Process.Xaml file

Hi there!
I am currently working on UiDemo Assignment. Following each word in the walkthrough and building the application
I am stuck at Process.xaml file. I have mentioned my issues in the attached UiDemoError.pdf (196.8 KB) document for clarity. Please do take some time and check the file I attached and help me overcome my issues.
Over that I also have some queries about few things I could not follow. Greatly appreciate your help.

  1. I created the Dispatcher-Update Xaml. Where should that be invoked? Did I miss any important step?
  2. Should we use the GetCredential Activity as my credentials are stored in Assets in the Orchestrator? If so where? How?
    Any help is appreciated.

->For credentials you have to invoke Get App Credentials workflow where you have to create variables such as username and password and pass arguments using your Config file.

->And change the variable types of CashIn ,NotOnUSCheck, and OnUSCheck as string.


Hi Hasib08
Thanks for the response. I already created the variables and passed the arguments.
Changed the variable to String type too…but its throwing error still. Working on it…let me get back…
Thanks! Nalini

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