Ui path version

Can any one tell me the whether this version is v8.0 or not?
I have attached this screenshot.

Thank you.

It’s not. V8 is pre 2016.1, before versioning convention was changed to year.minor.build


Mine shows like the below which is the stable latest version.

UiPath Studio’s software versioning format seems [MAJOR(Year).MINOR(ReleaseSequentialNumber).BUILD(4digit Number)]?


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@andrzej.kniola which version it is?

V8? It’s not supported anymore and AFAIK not available for download. From my knowledge 2016.1 would be V9 in the old naming, unless I missed a major release in between.

If this question is related to something documented for V8 that you’d like to do your best bet is to try it out, but its not guaranteed to work anymore. Or find updated instructions for current versions.

see the below screen shot which version it is?


thank you

We are trying to add schedule using task scheduler, that process will support V8 and above.

Is it correct community edition doesn’t support windows or task sheduler.

It’s 2016.2. Or V9.5 if my counting from previous post is correct.

It does support the cmdline start (albeit not guaranteed to in the future), but cant log in on its own from it. Orchestrator is for those scenarios, unless someone on the forums found a workaround that doesnt break the license terms.

You might try contacting support with your use case and they could give you an official answer what’s needed to make it work and if its within CE license terms.

Hey @andrzej.kniola Mate :slight_smile:

as far as i know when 2017.1.* is known as 8.1 .Not sure… but @badita he also have not confirmed when someone asked many months before. I have tagged him as well :slight_smile: there.