UI Path, Selecting UI Element in PDF

Hello, I am trying to start Lesson 10 in RPA Academy.

I did all the _

steps to take before you can extract specific elements using UiPath studio methods. Start Acrobat and press ctrl+k. That opens the Preferences popup. Select Reading, out of the categories on the left panel. If the dropdown called Reading Order options is set to the Acrobat recommended option, “Infer reading order from document”, then, that only allows you to see the document as one whole selector, so we need to change it. In the dropdown, select “Use reading order in raw print stream”. That enables us to see each individual element in the PDF. Then, on the left panel, click Accessibility. In the Other Accessibility Options section, uncheck the first two boxes, “Use document structure for tab order when no explicit tab order is specified”, “Enable assistive technology support”, and click OK. You are good to go.


but i still can’t work with pdf-files. When I am using “indicate element” function, I get a small rectangle with few UI elements.

I also found the next info

Accessibility options in Adobe Reader DC 19 cause improper detection of UI elements in PDF files which are poorly, or not tagged. For the time being, we recommend using Adobe Reader 18, or a lower version of Adobe

but I am still here. Can anyone help me with this situation?
Thank you/

Hi @yaniketz

Does it mean that you are using the DC 19?

No, I am using the DC18

Same Issue in my site, UiPath 2019.3 and already try Adobe Reader DC 19,18,17, even Adobe Reader XI.

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