Detect UI elements PDF

Hi all,

I am having trouble selecting the UIelements in a PDF.
I try going over the “Reading order options” and when doing it by hand it works fine. (I set it to "infer reading order from document.) When trying to automate this on the other hand, it doesn’t work even after repeating it 3 times.

The problem is that every time I open and close the PDF document, it “forgets” the previous settings.

I have tried all solution proposals provided in these posts:

but none of them work for me.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

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Did we try with SEND HOT Key Activity with appropriate keys to enable that option
We can include along the workflow process so that every time it does that even when the option is not enabled
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Hi Palaniyappan,

I am doing that here attached the workflow

PDFHotkeys.xaml (16.7 KB)

It works, the problem is that it doesn’t change the properties on the PDF. Even after doing it three times in a row

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May be it must require a explicit change along the application for each time
We need to check that with application buddy
But still we can include this sequence of activities in the workflow so that it will do whenever this process is executed
Cheers @chusikowski

I don’t understand, sorry.

I think the problem is with acrobat reader more than with uipath

That’s what I tried to mean buddy
Any how is this working fine now

oh i see.

Not working, but thanks anyway. @palaniyappan

What do you need to extract from you pdf file? What kind of settings are you doing in acrobat that are getting lost?

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Hi @bcorrea ,

I don’t need to extract anything. I need to fill in blank UI elements in the PDF.
In order for the robot to recognise them I need to change this Setting:

Reading Order: From “empty”, to --> “Infer reading order from document”.

When doing this by myself it works fine (sometimes I have to do it twice)
When I do this via Robot automation on the other hand, it doesn’t change the setting even after trying 3+ times.

oh, but you are changing the option of only this document, those can be set for the whole use of acrobat… also keep in mind that the document will take some time to load when you use those…

I tried changing this for all of acrobat but everytime I open and close the file, it returns to the initial settings.
Do you happen to know how I could make this consistent? Thanks a lot!

We can include this step along workflow we have so that it could be made whenever the pdf is opened

Cheers @chusikowski

@Palaniyappan Now we are just back to sep 1 buddy. The whole problem is that including this in the workflow doesn’t work. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot. It appears like this already. I don’t know maybe this is a problem with my specific PDF document.

Hmm ok so may I know the error it throwing in using along workflow and when meeting next cycle of execution


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in your screen shot you showed this settings but for an specific document, the one above is in acrobat itself, so it is valid for any document, will never get lost…

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Ok i will have a look at this and get back to you. obrigado!

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Hi bcorrea,

sorry for the delay. I still couldn’t solve this problem.

In general Settings of acrobat reader (ctrl+K) I have this:

The problem is that every time I close and open the file again, the reading options (ctrl+shift+5) are set to this:


I don’t know if you encountered this problem before. But i can’t fill the pdf uielements with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi bcorrea,

sorry I for bothering I managed to solve it by automating the change. I just do it three times, so it’s not pretty but it works for now.

All the best

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