I am new to RPA. While going through the message Box & assign logic

Need to understand, why the assign is above message box.
As i am assigning new value to “variable” in assign box & previously this variable i have taken for message box.
So, ideally bot should read the message box first & then it should read assign selector. but it is working in vice-versa way.
Let me know what i am missing ?

Hi @prashant_sharan

Could you explain the steps/flow you want to achieve ?

By “previously”, what do you exactly mean ?

Firstly, I have assign one variable “messagebox” to message box with the default “Good Morning World” & then by using assign i have changed the variable value “this is new value”.

As per my understanding "the assign activity should come after the message box as BOT will execute the message box 1st(Display the 1st variable value) & then he will change the variable by executing assign activity. (As per normal flow).

Its upto you how you want the flow to be,

I am assuming below is your current flow

  1. Create new variable messagebox with default value good morning world
    2 assign “this is new value” to messagebox
  2. Display “messagebox” in a popup

If you want to display the new message “this is new value” in the message box, then keep assign activity before the message box

And if you want to display “Good Morning World” message, put the assign activity after the message box.

Also, check the scope of the message box variable, it might be creating the confusion.

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But, ideally BOT should execute the message box activity 1st & then follow assign with the new variable value. So, i was trying to put the assign activity after the message activity for getting the new value from the BOT. But it’s a vice versa.
(As BOT follow the sequence )

Hi @prashant_sharan,

Just refer the below image of the simple workflow.

It will work as @RupeshGonte has mentioned in the above message.

With the flow you have made, the variable “messageBox” has some default value, which was reassigned by the Assign activity. (Which comes first in the flow)
So, the value in message box activity is always the updated one.

I am sure you are confused about the initialize and assign words. :wink:

Thanks got this. So, to work sequentially, i have to use message box after after the assign activity.

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