Some processing problem

here im trying to display the “C”+i.toString in the message box… i have used while loop…while running im getting same value and its not chan

ging to C1…C2 etc

Make number default value is 0,

If you are assigning it in a variable pane, everytime it will initialize the value. So, try assigning the value as you are passing in the variables line using assign activity and then try :slight_smile:

did…nothing changed Can you elaborate more on what you need exactly.

i did it … i have cleared the default value of i and tried…still its the same C0 im getting till the while loop finishes

Can you post the screenshot of how you are trying ?

I mean, please try as below


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i need to print C0 and next C1 till some value…i have used the while loop and inside it assign activity to increment . but everytime im getting only C0.

You didn’t align the activities correctly. Put Num declaration first then i assigned activity finally message box. Because it will execute the workflow sequence order

Do like this 1 And declare variables like this

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thank you…this solved the problem

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

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