Unable to display variable value(along with other text) when used in a collection

Hi Uipathians,

When am trying to display a variable’s value directly in a message box, it works fine.
But when am trying to put that variable(Users_registered), along with some text in a new variable(mail_1) and display the new one(mail_1), blank value is shown for Users_registered.

All variables are given global scope; Any idea what am I missing?

@ClaytonM @loginerror

You are passing the variable value in the variables pane right @Akanksha_Varshney?

As the variables initialize once the workflow starts executing, you need to use a assign activity to change the value or assign a particular variable value to another variable in the workflow.

So, please use a assign activity to pass one variable value in another variable value instead of doing that in variables pane

Makes sense and works perfectly!
Thanks a ton, @HareeshMR!

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