Help with Lesson 2 / Practice 1

I was almost able to create this automation but am confused about how to set up the variable.

After adding a message box activity, the instructions indicate to:

  • Set the Buttons property to YesNo.
  • Create an output variable called answer to capture the user’s choice

It does not specify what type of variable this should be. Should it be a Button, vs. a String? I am confused because the screen shot seems to indicate it is string when setting the condition:

answer = “Yes”

When I tried this by making it a string, then run the automation and select “Yes” for the answer, it still leads me to the “False” path and prints “Incorrect” in Notepad. But if I make the variable a “Button”, I am not sure how to set up the condition.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Side note: I downloaded the example provided but it is confusing. For some reason it does not contain the message box that asks the user “1+1=2?”.


The DataType is String.
Here we go.
MsgBox.xaml (9.3 KB)


Thanks so much. That helped! I forgot to add the variable as the output on the message box.

Hi there,

I have the same issue. I already added the right data type but somehow I keep getting the ‘incorrect’ route.

I literally did everything exact the same as the example…but somehow I still oversee something. who can help me?

thanks! practice 1 doesn’t work.xaml (16.5 KB)

Hey @smithoi

There is problem with your condition.You have given answer=“yes”

But your input box output is returning “Yes”.

So correct condition will be answer=“Yes”.

practice 1 work.xaml (16.5 KB)


Hi @aksh1yadav,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t really get your comment. I literally copied the example. the output ‘chosen button’ is the variable answer, which is exactly the same as the example (answer, string, scope flowchart).

Then the condition for the flow decision is answer=“yes”

I tried to only use ‘answer’ but then I don’t have a ‘value’.

So, can you maybe send a screenshot of my example where I go wrong?

Just run my workflow and just make a sample change in your condition like below:


this would be the current situation (still follows the ‘false’ path). This is the situation it was. So, I don’t see the difference…

Thanks again for your help!

When I change the true / false connectors it does show ‘correct’ with both answers. so, somehow It always takes the ‘false’ path…

Will you please just let me know… have your tried my uploaded workflow and ran it?if yes ., you are facing problem with that as well?

then please again upload your workflow and let me see in.

Hi Aksh,

your version works just fine! :zipper_mouth_face:

Hereby my - not working version.

practice 1 doesn’t work.xaml (16.5 KB)

Best regards,

Hey pal

again saying you are mentioning wrong condition in flow decision. see below screenshot.
you are passing answer=“yes” but your message will return Yes so condition of string check will be


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ow wauw, thanks for your patience…I just didn’t see that it was missing the capital Y :zipper_mouth_face:…It works now!

Thanks again Aksh!!!

I can’t figure my mistake(s) either… Lesson 2 Practice 1.xaml (15.1 KB)

Any help?

HI @iwishikn,

update the selector for Open Application activity
"<wnd app='notepad.exe' cls='Notepad' title='*' />"

Instead of using open application activity you can use start Process activity


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Hi Everyone. I am new to Uipath. I have created Math question using designer. But i am getting incorrect for each question asked.

1+1=2 (Incorrect)

2+1= 3 (Incorrect)

Please help me infiguring out where i am going wrong.


I assume you haven’t assigned variable answer to second activity MessageBoxOutputChosenButton

Let me know if that worked for you.

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