RPA Starter training - build a robot - Messages

HI Everyone,

After going through a lesson with messages I wanted to try by myself how they workn in ui robot.

So I’ve created a message box with “OK/cance;” buttons and put a variable in button output.

I have 2 questions:

  1. I’ve created integer variable and wanted to display combined text with this variable so tried to put in message box “test text” variableName.toString but i got an error there is no ending… ? not sure what it means?

  2. I wanted to display different message box depending on what button user will click OK or cancel. I have added in squence if else and in condition i’ve added variable i entered in output chsosen button field so i’ve wrote: variableName.tostring=“OK”
    and in conditions 2 different messages depending on this. The issue is that all the time no matter which button I will click on i get the message as if i’ve always click not on OK. I guess I wrote something wrong in the condition?

…and bonus questions - where I can find answers for such questions in the best way not to bother each time forum? THere were in starter training so many links provided that im not sure that is the best place.

Kind Regards,

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