Ui path robot not installed in local pc

Hi Experts.
I installed uipath community edition 22.4. But I couldn’t find UIpath robot on the local PC. It works with orchestrator connection without issue, Is there way to execute program without connecting to the orchestrator…???
Thanks for help

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

UiPath community edition get its license from Automation cloud (Orchestrator). So, without that you cannot run the robot.

You may open your studio without connecting to orchestrator, but you cannot edit xaml files and it can be only used for debugging purpose

If you get attend robot license, then you can run the robot from local pc without orchestrator.


Hi John
Thanks for reply. how can I get an attended robot license…is that free? i already log in to cloud.uipath.com and there is some robot allocations for me. here I paste that screenshot…

Can you please help to sort out this issue…

We have attended license available in both Community version and Enterprise version. But only the enterprise version supports robot activation without orchestrator. Enterprise license is not free.

Licensing a Robot (uipath.com)

For community version it is named user license, so you need orchestrator connection for the robot work.

May I know the reason why you want to use attended robot and that too without orchestrator.


Thanks for reply john
actually, I am new to the UI path. i developed project and it’s working successfully running connected to the orchestrator. I want to deploy this project to client PC and running as attended automation. Is the client required to download uipath studio or is it enough to create an account in uipath cloud? can I publish my project directly to client could env and run using uipath assistant???

Your response is highly appreciate