If i have Licence Uipath Studio and Robot Attended ,Can I implement with Orchestrator Community Version

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If I have Licence Uipath Studio and Robot Attended , Can I implement with Orchestrator Community Version?


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Yes you can connect that robot machine with Orchestrator community version but your Robot licence get changed to Community Edition.

To implement my attended robot license, should I install only the UiRobot Enterprise?

The client does not want a licensed uipath studio or orchestrator.



With Enterprise Edition licence we can install either Robot or both Studio and Robot. If you don’t want studio then you can install Robot only.

In this case you can trigger the BOT from UiRobot system tray only as you don’t have studio and Orchestrator.

and how do I unfold the process in the UiRobot tray without Orchestrator?


You need to keep the published Package file under packages folder and then it will show it in UiRobot system tray.

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Dear I have published it in a local folder and I generate a .nupkg file, then copy it to the following path:

Now I check the UiRobot and the process does not appear.


i am using uipath comunity


Please, help!.

Search well and the indicated route C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages ,but it still doesn’t show the process in UiRobot.


What could it be?


Post data: the processes deleted in the image were published through the orchestrator.

Disconnect the bot from the orchestrator and the displayed process will appear.


It finally worked!!!

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If this robot machine is connected with Orchestrator at the time of publishing project then you can’t see it in UiRobot system tray and it will be published into Orchestrator.

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