How robot can be started without Studio installed and Orchestrator not connected



Is UiPath Robot enough for client to start a robot on his machine if Studio is not installed on it and Orchestrator is not connected?

Situation in more details:

  • I have UiPath Studio installed and prepared an agent for my client
  • as it’s only the first robot, client won’t be buying Orchestrator license (at least for now)
  • client also does not need Studio license as I will develop/configure everything
  • I suppose client should only buy (not)attended robot license
  • I am going to install UiPath Robot on client’s machine
    My question:
  • what should go next?
  • how to assign the process for a robot?
  • is there any difference if mentioned robot is attended or not attended?

A robot with user name *** not defined in orchestrator

EDIT: You can run robots without Orchestrator and according to @dntakoulas below you can now install UiRobot without UiStudio :slight_smile:

For now if you want to run a process on a machine then yes purchase an attended license. Technically if you are developing for production purposes, the license for UiPath Development should also be purchased. Depends on the context, e.g. is this a PoC/Pilot or is it likely to expand.



Please correct me if I am wrong:

  • I, as RPA developer, should have UiPath Studio license. That’s totally fine. I am developing, so got to pay for development instruments
  • client, as they don’t have any intentions to develop, should buy also UiPath Studio license just because they need to execute the agent? This part does not make any sense :confused: I thought attended UiPath Robot license would be enough for them ;(

By the way: currently it’s only a PoC and we are willing client will expand in a future.


@latke you can install front office license and trigger the bot. its an attended bot and costs less compared to other. you can trigger it using *.bat file or you can trigger by scheduling through Windows Task Scheduler.

hope this information may help you.




This is actually wrong.
You can install only the Robot without the Studio, if you run the setup file as an administrator an perform a custom setup.



Thank you all for the answers, but I am still struggling ;(

What am I missing?

  • I have prepared a process only from two activities: log & messagebox
  • published it and copied the nupkg file
  • uninstalled all UiPath products
  • installed only UiPath Robot
  • copied nupkg file into original folder
  • after executing robot I get: UiPath Robot Error / Permission missing: Launcher

Do I need to configure something else, or without license robot does not work, or… ?

P.S. it works then Studio is installed as well, but without it - not :frowning:


Anyone? It’s still a pain in… am I thinking correct or am I missing something?


Probably late but I found this information which might be useful

Also please check following link regarding licence


Hi Pritam

Very useful - thanks a lot.

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Hi @latke, have you found your answer? if yes, could you share to me.



Regarding that error if you only have Robot installed, you have to license it in order to be able to run processes on it. What is exactly your issue?


Hi @ovi,

this is exactly my issue?