UI Path Comunity edition "Server Licenced expired"

I am facing Server “Licensed Expired issue”, I have uninstalled and reinstalled again and also renewed through online ling but still facing the same issue. Also deleted from %localappdata%, but it didn’t help for me. Please help me on this.

Did you try installing Beta version from here -

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Hi Prakash,

I used the beta version as well, but still facing the same issue.

Did you got any resolution for this issue?

Fill the form in the below link with the same device id and email:

Then click on activate again and you should be good :slight_smile:

Hi Nadim i have accessed the link,but don’t know how to renew it.
I have already created an account and was renewed one time before,but this time i can not make it again.
Do you know if this app should be renewed for every 2 months?

Hi @Do_Kevin

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Since quite some time ago, you do not have to renew your licenses :slight_smile:

but the app shown as below

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Given you are using the Automation Cloud, you can use the third option and license your Studio from Orchestrator.

See how to do that here:

Do i have to download the orchestrator? I have opened your instruction but don’t know what is uipath robot and where is it,anyway that i can continue for using the app with simple instruction

Actually, the documentation should state there UiPath Assistant. As to where it is, simply search your start menu for “UiPath Assistant”:

We’ll get it updated.

I found it but it seem the file did not work,so i have to download it again right?
Should i uninstall the uipath and re-install it ?

That’s strange. Yes, I would suggest a clean install, that should solve the issue for sure.

Feel free to refer to this topic on some hints on how to perform a clean installation:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

could you pls check if have any chance to keep the local app instead of using automation cloud (community version) ,sorry i am not good at technology then changing to orchestrator is quite complicate for me.Thanks
→ Renew license (how can i get a license for community version)
→ Activate Stand-Alone License (how can i get a Stand-Alone license for community version)

Hi @Do_Kevin

Which version of Studio are you using? For the latest Studio version, it should allow you to simply activate your Community Edition locally.

I would suggest a clean installation first to get the latest version, and then it will allow you to license it locally without the Automation Cloud connection.

It is impossible for me to check the version of my uipath studio since i can do anything below alert message for the expiration.
I am following your suggestion for the clean up,hope it can help,keep you posted.Thanks

Sorry again,could you please check if i delete the current uipath all the set up is gone or not,actually my colleague create this function in my uipath for making automatic action and support my manual job.But he has been gone,if i delete the current setting i can not re-create the function by myself.Thanks

Hi @Do_Kevin

It should not be that difficult to reinstall your Studio :slight_smile:
But first, we should make sure you have all your processes backed up.

Could you tell us how you are currently launching your processes? Is it from the agent in the system tray, or is it directly from Studio?


Normally i just access to the folder and click on the Mainflow file (image below),then once it started i just click on the button to proceed the automatic action.

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In that case, the files of your project are sitting in a safe place in your Documents folder.

As such, you should be good to go to simply install the new version of Studio.

One last thing, and I feel we should have addressed that earlier → Did you used to have a paid UiPath version installed in C:/Program Files (x86)/UiPath or did you always use the Community Edition in this location %localappdata%/UiPath?