UI Path Community version renew problem

Hi Team,
I am using UI path community version from long time, today i got update to Renew License but i am getting error while renewing, kindly advise what to do now.
attached are

uiiii the screenshots of error.


Connect this machine with Orchestrator and then click on Acquire Licence from Orchestrator to acquire license from it.

Alternatively you can install latest version of community Edition and connect it to Orchestrator and no need to renewal it again and again. It’s one time only.

Kindly have a view on this thread

As renewal of license is not an option anymore I would like to suggest you for new version from htttps://platform.uipath.com
—where login with common authentication method like use gmail username and password and it takes us to the cloud page where in the RESOURCES tab we can download the latest version of the application

Cheers @mohitsaxena79

Hi Lakshman, in Orchestrator it is showing same is valid till 2021, but still Studio is not working

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Is that robot machine connected with this Orchestrator only ? And also May I know what type of License have you created at the time creating Robot in Orchestrator ?

Hello Lakshman, Yes it is connected with this Orchestrator only,
Actually recently i logged on Plateform.uipath.com then login with Email ID/PW then i go to “Services” tab and create Standard Machine with system user name.
sorry didnt get about “Type of License”

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Hello Palaniyappan, which version i have to choose and all are valid for 60 days…

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Community cloud if you are using as a individual developer

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Have downloaded Community edition it shows V2019.12.0 Beta, is there any way to download V2019.4 or V2019.6 ?

HI @mohitsaxena79

I would suggest you to download the latest version of the Community Version of the Studio.

If you need the older version for the projects, I would recommend to downgrade the dependencies versions to the suitable one you wish to support the older version you had.


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