Community Licence expired- unable to renew

Hi there. I am trying to renew my community licence for Studio Version 2017.1.6435 but every time I try to enter the website for renewals it takes me to UiPath
I then logged in with my id and renewed my community edition ( expiring Sep 2021) but it had no effect on my studio edition. It claims my licence expired and it keeps complaining with the following when i enter my credentials to activate it:

Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: No Error
License status: Server License Expired

Device ID: my Device ID
Computer: my Computer name
User Name: my id

There used to be a different website to activate the 2017 version where i enter my info along with occupation etc. I am no longer seeing that site.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hey @markvax

Is your robot / Studio connected with the latest version of the Orchestrator community edition?

I think the best option for you would be to get the latest version of Studio and the community Orchestrator. Then get the license activated for community edition…

Unfortunately, I am stuck at the moment to the version above. we used to have to renew through a different web link which was [UiPath ]
Its no longer present. Now, I have no means of renewing.
I will try following some methods I found on the forums. Wish me luck.
Simplest solution is to reactive the above link allowing us, lonely folks having older versions, to reactivate.


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I think that is not available now because now the community version does not require manual activation. The new versions are activated only once and it remains…

I’m not sure whether they will enable the link to support older versions as they recommend to upgrade to newer versions for people who use the community edition… So I think, right now, the only option I see, is to upgrade your older version to the new one :slight_smile:

Karthik Byggari

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I, unfortunately, cannot upgrade as I don’t have local admin rights on my PC.
my only choice was to reactivate in the same manner i did before. If someone who had this issue before or someone from UIPATH licencing can chime in and offer a solution without forcing the upgrade, I would really appreciate it.


Hey @Pablito @loginerror

Any ideas on how we can reactivate the older version without the upgrade in community edition?

Hi @markvax,
The way how Studio Community Edition is licensed has changed a little. Right now it’s automated process where you don’t need anymore to do any manual actions like renewal or something like that. You just need to download newest version from and install it. One of the requirements is that machine where you are using Studio CE needs to have constant internet connection to be able to check licence on each run.


I understand, but as i stated earlier, that’s not an option I can proceed with in the immediate future. I was hoping there was an easier way to renew the licence without forcing the upgrade.
Again, if there’s a way of doing it, please let me know. Any info is greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunate in case of Community Edition upgrade/update is necessary. It’s a part of free license. Only Enterprise Edition have such option.

Hi Pablito.
Thanks for the response. At least now I know



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