Ui path components clarification

What are the possibles ways that one may can use to run my project file(executable) created in UiPath Studio, most importantly he is not having none of the Uipath components (Studio, robot, orchestrator) in his system?

you cannot run a Uipath project without a Uipath component installed as that is what performs the automation! :smiley:

Okay. My clarification is that UiPath components needs to be installed on both persons system? For developer’s perspective it is okay to have 3 components, what is the use for end user needs to have all 3 components? please clarify

To see it in action only (lets say a client) he only needs to have the Studio installed and the client environment needs to be same (paths, file locations settings etc)

But if you wish to schedule it, you will need to purchase orchestrator license/configure it as well on your client’s machine

Robot is by default availble with each studio (that’s how you test your automations!)

Multiple robots will ofcourse need licenses :slight_smile:

Depending on no. of client (users) certain no. of license is required for studio and one orchestrator licensed one is enough right? correct me if am wrong?

For a case if a big company implementing uipath, each user might have studio installed (license) means it would leads to high cost know? what is the solution for the case

The exact licensing terms differs from company to company and the scenarios. I would advise you to contact UIpath directly . They will make a tailor made plan for you and give you the options (which are cost effective) as per my experience

okay. Thank you.

welcome, if your query is resolved kindly select the appropriate solution so others can benefit in future.