UiPath Studio License standalone

Hello Everyone.
I’m just wondering about licensing the following:
My client does not want Orchestrator. They wanted me to develop some processes, which therefore will be run from the same machine as attended solutions (started from UiRobot).
Now, there is a question for the licensing:

  1. Is standard UiPath Studio standalone license sufficient here? Will the client be able later to run processes from robot tray on this license?
  2. Is it possible to buy standalone license only to use UiRobot? When the Studio is not needed anymore, and client wants only to run processes from the tray. I’m wondering if at this point license for Studio can be utilized and changed only for using UiRobot.
  3. Does anyone of you know the possible price for such standalone license?
  4. What are the types for the standalone license? It’s always Studio only?

I already sent my query to the Sales, but waiting for the reply.
Thank you.


Check below post for your reference


Hope this may help you

If you have any other doubts let us know


On this page I can only see packages for Named-User or for Multiuser, which are referring to Orchestrator Usage.
Can I just assume the standalone simplest license for Studio has the same components as this one below?
“UiPath - RPA Developer * - Named User OR UiPath - RPA Developer * - Multiuser”
(Excluding Action Center).

So the UiPath - RPA Developer SKU is the simplest licencing version I can possibly take?