Uipath Component License

I need to understand about licensing details of Uipath components (Studio, Front Office Robot, Back Office Robot & Orchestrator).

For example, if we are planning to use Front office robot in our application, what are all the component license has to be procured ( Studio, Front Office Robot etc…) ? Can’t we use only studio license for this purpose ?

The below link may help you to understand -

Karthik Byggari

Thank you for your response.

i have not received the exact information which i’m looking.

can anyone give your response on my query.

Hi @anbudenanu

To run your process in an Enterprise environment, you will need at least 1 Studio license and 1 Robot license.

The machine with the Studio is then dedicated to the development and the machine with the Robot license is the one that will run the processes.

For easier management of your processes you might also want to procure the Orchestrator (it will make your life easier when you have to scale).

Thanks for your valuable information