UI Path and Web Gmail Automation

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I hope everyone is well, first of all i am very new to UIpath and RPA, i do want to thank you in advance for all the help that the community provides.

So since i am new i have obviously a question, otherwise i wouldn’t be writing this LOL, so the issue i have ran into is that i am trying to forward emails in gmail from the web application, the problem is very often UI Path runs into an error stating that the UI element was not found when using a click activity, so i used a image activity and well that worked, however it still runs in to the issue when using the click activities on the “More” button which gives you options like reply, Forward, Filter, Print, etc, so how can i interact with the gmail web application? that is my question, should that not work? it should right?

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The most possible cause for this would be, the attributes in the selector you have used is changing time to time. So your selector needs to be more dynamic than what you have now… So, get the selector open in Ui Explorer, and try validating it couple of times while refreshing the page. This will allow you to identify the dynamic parts of the selector and the static parts of the selector… You will then need to select the best attributes to the selector, and you might require to introduce some wild card characters as well to make the selector dynamic…

make sense?

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you Lahiru, that worked

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