Recording issues with Gmail

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I recently started to use UiPath and I encountered some issues when trying to automate email sending via Kiwi (a desktop version for Gmail).

When I launch the recorder, whether in automatic or manual mode, I notice that it has difficulties to identify elements within the main window. It can easily identify elements on the side (Calendar, contacts, etc.) but nothing in the main window. It treats everything as a unique element.

As such, I cannot sent my email by using the following sequence: Click on “Compose” > Set a text as a recipient > Set a subject > Set a content > Click on the “Send” button.

I notice the same problem in Google hangouts for example. I believe it might be linked to the source code Google uses to code its apps which does not allow to select elements based on the Selector parameters used by UiPath, but it is just a guess.

Does someone have any clue with regards to the specific issue I encounter and potential solutions to circumvent it?

It would be more than appreciated!


Hi @Micksme
You could give it a try with image based activities.

google is always use https:// secure protocol. so i advice try to use SMTP or IMAP mail message activities insisted of considering google mail as a web application for RPA. That will avoid all these kind of issues.

hope my inputs are useful

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, due to some professional restrictions, I cannot use SMTP or IMAP mail message activities… I tried image based recognition but have difficulties to select the “Recipient” area and type a text into it. I tried the Click Image and Click Text recognitions but it does not seem to work… any tips with regards to the parameters I could play with to improve the recognition?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Micksme, did you ever figure out a solution to the recording issues in gmail? I’m working on something similar and would be thrilled to hear how you resolved it.