Working with Gmail

I am creating a simple automation to open Gmail, Compose a new message, and type in the Subject.

So far, the Sequence is:

  • Open Browser:
  • Type Into
    • I’ve indicated the Subject field by including a screenshot.

I receive the following error when running the bot:

  • The UI element is no longer valid
  • Exception type: UIPath.Core.Invalid.UIElementException

It seems that the Selector is not being accurately captured. The Selector field includes:

<webctrl id = ‘:sp’ tag =

I think I need to revise the information in the Selector field. How can I determine the right criteria to be included there?


Do you really have to work with a browser to do that? Why not use the Mail activities?


I can’t see any selector in the above post.

Could you please help me with screenshot of the selector.

And also we can use Google Gsuite activities to automate Gmail application.