UI Explorer - save interface setup

Hi All, does anyone know whether it’s possible to save the UI layout in “UI Explorer”? If I move or dock windows (such as the ‘Property Explorer’) they aren’t retained when I relaunch. I realise this is a small thing but it can be a bit annoying. Also when you launch “UI Explorer” from the main UiPath Studio it has ‘Visual Tree’ dock’d but when opening this via ‘Edit Selector’ it is not. I’ve had a hunt around but can’t find anything obvious. Thank you.

Hey @bill.brad
You could use a activity named Export Ui Tree to export all the elements,tags,attributes in xml or json format.
check this link about export ui tree.

Hi Nilay, I’m not sure if we’ve got our wires crossed or not but what I’m trying to do when I open “UI Explorer” I’d like to have ‘Property Explorer’ and ‘Visual Tree’ always dock’d. Currently if I set these elements to be dock’d and close/reopen “UI Explorer” then the interface reverts back with those elements no longer dock’d. Its possible that I could be completely misunderstanding your point though.

Hi @bill.brad,

This should work. What versions of Studio and UiAutomation are you using?

Hi Leif, I have “UiPath Studio 2020.10.2”.