Selectors L1: UI Explorer

Hello All,
Am new to here.
I have a challenge in Studio with UI Explorer in completing the fake name generator exercise.

  1. Ui explorer box has empty fields after attach browser and get text activities are added to sequence.
  2. Clicking ‘indicate element’ gives the error in the image.

Thanks in advance for solutions.

Hi @obemeata_anetor

is the UiPath.Interop Package Based version installed or not

Ashwin S

Thank you @AshwinS2,

Being waiting for moderators to approve my post to the forum.

I checked Managed Packages its not there.
How can I find and install it?

Hi @obemeata_anetor

Go to manage package and type uipath.interop.activities


Many thanks for your help @AshwinS2,
I have clicked on All Packages, typed in UiPath.Interop.Activities as requested and is not available! I’m confused.
I have added PDF activity successfully. So don’t Know what is going on.
I use the community edition of studio.

kindly have a view on this pls

Cheers @obemeata_anetor