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I gave one interview recently and they asked me:-
Question :
what is the most exact way to access UIpath studio UI element.
Please Explain and why?

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We will use UI Explorer to access UI Elements.


Hi @Abhishek_Kumar_sinha

The most exact way to access ui elements through uipath Studio is to use the UIExplorer and generate the most appropriate selectors using wild cards wherever required to prepare the most suitable dynamic selector.

The reason to use UIExplorer is because it gives you all the properties which you can use to make the best suitable selector. Additionally it also allows you to highlight the elements and check the validity along with selecting the selector types as well…


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Yes, Ui Explorer this is very advance tool to create custom selector it gives the displays a tree of the UI hierarchy and enables you to navigate through it, by clicking the arrows in front of each node.

UI Explorer is an advanced tool that enables you to create a custom selector for a specific UI element. It is available only if the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package is installed as a dependency to the project.”

Displays the selector for the specified UI object and enables you to customize it.

Displays all the available attributes of a selected node (from the Selector Editor panel).

Displays all the attributes that a specified UI object can have, including the ones that do not appear in the selector. They cannot be changed.

Hope you can understand and for more information please go to below link:

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How can we identify a column in Data Table.

HI @Abhishek_Kumar_sinha

You can Identify a column in the datatable using two methods…

  1. Use of the column name
  2. Use the column index…

if you are trying to access the data in a for each row loop, you can use…

– with column name

– With column indx

Column index always starts from 0… Means, first column is 0 and second is 1 and so on…


In Uipath, How element are recognized on screen?
what all activities we have available to recognized the element on screen.

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Refer to this section of the online documentation on the UI Automation activities… It includes all the details you want :slight_smile:

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hey abhishek

inorder to get exact ui element in uipath studio you must use “uiexplorer” and select so that you will get the exact attributes of ui character the ,for more often it better you use dynamic selector “*” or “?”.

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