Is there any way to copy from UI Explorer?

Hi guys

I would like to copy something from the area circled red in Property Explorer (I need to copy because it is a long list of the items that are selected and I use this in Check App Activity to make sure that these certain things are selected before automation continues)

The problem is that you cannot copy from there! no copy button, no ctr C, and I would like to add this long line to my strict selector! :frowning:

Iā€™m not THAT lazy, the line I need is very very long.

Is there any other way I can copy something from circled red?

There is no way but I have one logic for it. Keep open window and make selector for it and by get Text Activity get all text from it.

I tested. Its working

You can get desire data for element

we can use some activities for exporting the element attributes:

set the activity filter to classic: