UI explorer problems


I am having difficulties using selectors. If I use indicate element in the explorer it says its valid. However, as soon as I hit save and reopen the explorer the selector is suddenly invalid.

I am also having problems running programs that do run by my teammates when they run it on their computers.

I am not sure why either of these things are happening any suggestions on how to fix them are highly appreciated.


Hi @Nicole_Holden

there could be a lot of reasons.

The issue with the selector could come from dynamic content like e.g. idx tags.

We need a bit more information here. How does your selector look like?

This is what one of my selectors look like.

well…this selector is a bit weak.
Try to search for strong indicators in the source code of the page.

Could you send an screen shot where you mark the control you want to select?

I was trying to click on the view historic cases button. I’m working on a project where we were going to be using the data from this website. I have just recently started learning UiPath so it is all still very new for me.

Based on the source code there should be a unique id:

Delete the idx and parentid tag and add the following instead:

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