UI Explorer Element no longer exists Drop Down Closes when focus lost

Attempting to use UI Explorer to read a selector in a drop down box, but when the focus moves from the application to UI Explorer it returns ‘The UiElement is no longer valid’ comes up as it does not have access to the Element long enough to read it.

The steps are to ‘Indicate Element’, F2, Click the Drop Down, wait for the timer to stop, Click the Element. This all works fine, but when UI Explorer becomes the focus, the box closes and is no longer available to be read and it is unable to continue to read the Selector.

Using F2 to set the element in Studio for Activities does work and it returns the Selector information but this does not provide enough detail to use as a reliable selector that can be used to find the different element. The only variable item between elements in the drop down are IDX, and are not fixed. The IDX change based on the scroll and not on specific elements. As usual, IDX is not a good option . Thus the need for UI Explorer to interrogate deeper.

Down arrow, tab, or other keyboard manipulation is not an option as the Tick Boxes only respond to Clicks via mouse. The only option is to find the element and use a Mouse Click on the Tick Box.


Try with Select Item activity for drop down select things and it will select the UI element.

Good idea but tried that. It does not pull the items. Gives a This Control does not support select items


1.Try to use click activity for clicking drop down icon and make selector change in aaname by using wildcard “*”.
2.Again try to use click activity for clicking the desire option to select and do pass dynamic selector for aaname if you need.

if it works please mark this as solution and closed the thread.
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Thanks but that is the problem. The Selector options returned for Click or other Activities does not contain an item that can be used to select the item by a variable. Here’s what is pulled for the item in the list named Agent -


It does not go far enough into the child to provide the aaname or text or other item that can be used to select.

UI Explorer should/may provide that detail, but does not grab it like an Activity and cannot grab it before it closes due to loss of focus.


May i know is it a java based application or web based application.

This is an installed application and is .net.

I have the same issue. did you find a solution?


I did not find a way to keep it active to view in UiExplorer. I ended up working around this by sending DOWN via Type Into to walk down to the item needed. I was lucky that there is a DB Table that has the item position.
Per Support or anyone replies on the forum, UiExplorer does not support this. It is frustrating.