Typing Italic When Sees Uppercase "i"

Hi Everyone,

Recently, i have started learning UiPath and I made an automation. At the end of the processes, robot types a message to the online chat.
When a message includes “İ” (uppercase “i”, a Turkish character) it is being ignored, robot does not type it and types italic rest of the message after “İ”. I have other Turkish characters in the message too(e.g “ı”), but only “İ” causes problem.
Note: It was all fine yesterday, it was typing the whole message flawless including “İ”.
Note 2: When it sees “İ” again, now it starts to continue writing without italic type.

@emre.polat Did you try with “set text” activity.

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Now i tried and it works. Thank you.
However, I am still wondering why it has started act differently with Type Into.

@emre.polat Might be possible it is due to simulation.

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