"Type Into" displaying wrong message in google search


I hope you can help me out with this:

In the “type into” field I put in city+ " weather in Fahrenheit" but when i run the program, this is exactly what shows up :" wer fahenheit"

Is there a reason for this? Do i Need to change anything in the Settings so that the full text shows up in Google search?


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May be it must have typed faster
Kindly enable send window message property in the property panel instead of simulate type
And in delay between keys property mention some timestamp
Around 2000 milliseconds so that it will type slower

Atlast ensure that the string mentioned is correct

Cheers @Chigoziem_Ishionwu

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Hi @Chigoziem_Ishionwu

Use Click Before typing to be enabled

Ashwin S

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Please check what exactly does the string contains using the message box first before using the type into activity,