Wrong typing into "Type in" activity


I have the following error when UiPath come to a “Type in” activity. This error happens some times, it means that it doesn’t always happens. The activity runs in a Java App (all work OK but this one not).

It is something like the character is “strange” but the proper typing is: F:\Comun\comun\IAP\exportacionesUIPath (there is not a strange character).


In this example, the mistake is in " \ " but in others, it can happen at any character.

Thanks in advance!

Can you put the selector here

@ismael_ayala - is the path reading from any document/excel/pdf… etc?

you can try to assign the text to a string variable and assign the string variable to the typeinto activity and check.

Hi Majed, thanks for your reply.
Here you have the selector. Just for information: those two marked on red, i tried to check and uncheck in order to try other configurations and it still mistaking.

Any idea about whats going on?
What do you think about @GBK proposal?

Thanks Majed and thakns GBK.


The path is not read, it is just wrotten into the type in activity. I mean, is not a variable.

Do you think if I declare it as a string variable it should be work?
I am new with UiPath so I have not idea but I think it should doesnt change something.


@ismael_ayala - try to assign to a string variable and check.

@GBK I will do!!!
Let pass a few days and I will come back to feed back!

Lot of thanks!

try to simulate False

It still happening. Firstly, the robot types right. The mistake is when it press a “OK” boton in order to “execute” a export into Java App.


I changed the characters for a String variable and i unchecked the simulate type.