Typing Into Excel

How to type into excel using UI Path ?

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We got activities for that like using EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE activity and WRITE CELL activity which will not open excel in foreground and is managed in background

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Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Look for excel in activities.
  2. Double Click or drag and drop the excel activity.
  3. Select the workbook you wish to type in.
  4. Within the excel application scope drag and drop the excel write cell to write in a cell.

    Just fill the parameters. Like sheet name in my example is Sheet1, this has to be in quotes. Also the cell you wish to type in and finally the text you wish to type in my case test.

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This will work if we want to insert text alone but what if want to put hyperlinks?

Hello @Omar1 ,

You can use Excel Applications Scope and inside the container write cell or write range, or you can directly use write cell and write range activities.

If you use excel application scope you do need Excel installed in the machine.

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