Create excel file with application scope in background mode

Hi all,

I would need to know if it is possible to create an excel file using application scope in background mode. I am trying it but it is not working. It sends this message error: It was not possible to open the excel file “name excel”

But, if I use a write cell of workbook activity, it is working and creates the excel file.

Could you assist in this question?

Many thanks in advance!

with application scope alone excel will not be created …you have to use write range activity along with it


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Usually, if you use excel application scope and you put a route\myexcel.xlsx the excel file is automatically created. At least in foreground.

Is it possible that in background is different?

Hi @Angel_Llull_Rivero1 ,

Do you mean if we can use Excel Application Scope in a Background process ?

The Background Process are you referring as stated here ?

If so, you could Check the Docs below that mentions some restrictions about using the Microsoft applications

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