How to type into shape in excel sheet


I have an excel file where there is an image and a shape in it. What I want to do is type a text in that shape. as shown in the gif below


What I did was I open the excel file using the open application activity then use type into activity for the shape. However, it won’t type as shown in the gif below:


I enable ClickBeforeTyping property and tried enabling other properties as well but still it wont type. I also try using click and double click activity before Type Into and still fails. Any suggestions or advice to remedy this will greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @kevzki

use Write cell Acitivty to point cell position…


Thank you for your reply. I would like to type into the shape and not in the cell. I tried writing in the cell where the shape is located at but the shape will just cover it and its not proportional to the shape.

Hi @kevzki

User Anchor based activity or Element exists activity

i think it will help you…


How will it help? I tried using them but it still didnt let it type into the shape.

Hello @kevzki ,

Please try to record the action using App/Web recorder. It will also capture the selectors using an anchor base .

Else if possible plz share the Excel which you are trying to automate

Hi @kevzki

Please try VBA and try to write the code to type data into the cell.

Below is the reference of how to use macro’s in UiPath


I tried but it won’t still let me. here’s the excel file that I’m trying to automate.
Shape.xlsx (105.4 KB)

I’m not trying to type in the cell but in the shape.