Typing '<' in a different keyboard language with CV

I am developing an attended automation for a colleague who is based in Hungary (I am based in the UK) which is using Computer Vision (thats the only option for our scenario) and there is a issue that the less than symbol, <, won’t type when deploying on their device. They are a using a Hungarian keyboard and language and I am assuming this will be by.

I have tried in to the Type In activity to put both “<578” and also Convert.ToChar(60).ToString()+“578” where I am passing the ASCII code for < instead but both times the input is on has 578. This works fine on my device.

Any suggestions for resolving this issue?

Hi @Joshua_Allan_0

Try this

Alt Gr + “,” (comma)

Keyboard shortcuts are required within ‘Use Application/Browser’ activity and so won’t work within the CV activity, unless you are aware of way round this?

what is the input method?

CV Type Into and this automation has to use the Computer vision route not the modern App/Browser method


How about sending Ctrl+v instead of typing characters?