Typeinto Certain Fields based on Excel Row data and WebApp input fields data


I am trying to input into certain fields based on data match between Excel and web input fields
Here is my workflow step -

  1. Read Excel Row Data
  2. Filter the Excel row that contains “INSUFF”
  3. Match Filter Excel Row Data with web app input fields (using gettext activity with dynamic selector)
  4. if data match, use type into activity to certain input fields ( using dynamic selector).
  5. else keep reading the other row of the excel data.

Here is my current xaml.ExCel_Test.xaml (19.7 KB)

So far, it’s matching the data from excel with the web data but i am unable to do for each row/fields and unable to do the type into activity

Please note my input fields have unique index id for each fields . I am reading the data from input fields based on my other topic discussion .

Thanks You All

simple, basically you just add on to what i sent u earlier in the week :slight_smile:
but instead of for each you use for each row in excel table…

Hi @MythicGold thanks for reply. So far its matching with the input fields. but i can’t figure out how to do for each row. At the moment, it’s not looping back to the excel file after type into activity. How do i begin the loop again after the final step ? Thanks

you do realise nested for each activity is a nono for what u are trying to do right?

change my for each into for each row and then use substring to get values from the row then u match values with the get text. you use so many nested for each for what?

also i dont know about your company software and what not, i cant help you solve this unless its a specific error or problem, your logic is something you have to figure it out urself :D.

thanks for reply. so instead of for each. i should use :for each row" to literate each row of the excel but the selector is not a data table type how do i achieve that ? the basic logic is
read the data from excel
filter the excel result and match it with web input fields.
then type something in related row to amend the data.
then repeated this process until all matched data are finish.

I am thinking to do with flow decision. would it make it easy ?

you do know for each row is basically for each, you can assign counter or stuff ryte :confused:

that’s actually what i am trying to do now. just not working yet

Hi @phyomt ,

CAn you see this please? and see what you think.

ExCel_Test.xaml (24.2 KB)

i will give it a try. thanks for the example

Hi @Luis261980 , thanks for the example and sorry about the delay. I wasn’t able to test till today. The filter wizard already did the matching before the output May i know why you put if outBatNo.Equals(“INSUFF”) ?
Thanks you

Hi phyomt,

becouse based on your first post its what you whant anf the if will work like a filter to what you whant :slight_smile:

Thanks , i will use filter wizard it’s simpler. here is my current workflow. I am yet to figure how to loop back to step 2 :frowning: FlowTestingExcel.xaml (35.0 KB)

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