Compare Array list to do Action on the row


We are trying to compare the array list on the web-based application data row. Here is my situation -
I have 2 dynamic array web selector. One of the dynamic array are getting the data match with excel file. based on the match. the bot will do the Type Into activity on the same row as the matching data row. I am not sure how to make it work. here is my array

Array1 = {“BaNumber1”,“BaNumber2”,“BaNumber3”,“BaNumber4”, and so on till 11}
Array2 = (“Action1”, “Action2”, “Action3”, “Action4” etc till 11)

I want to do type into activity on Array2 input based on Array1 selection.
tldr : match 2 array dynamic selectors and do the Type into activity based on it.

Thanks ~

I followed this following solution Comparing the values of the array with each other it’s not exactly working as i wanted any help ? :frowning: what is the effective way to do it. Thanks

Hi @phyomt

Use for each item and ensure based on condition you can use type into by passing the item

Ashwin S


Can you please check my workflow and see if there any way i can do to achieve.
FlowTestingExcel.xaml (35.0 KB)