For Each in different Row web page

I want to asking about for each row in datatable,
i have situation like this:

  1. Create For Each activity.
  2. Type into activity on the first grid in the webpage ,(source file is excel), for first data, everything is well.
  3. when try to loop on second data grid, UI path doesn’t running., because type into is indicate in the first row on web page.

so how can make this working, please help. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Felix_Gunawan
U need to make ur selector dynamic such that for every itertion it should write in respective row

If i am right, there would be attribute row in the selector which would indicate the rowindex of that row, based on that value, u can increment it and type the required data

Hi @Felix_Gunawan

Try to create a dynamic selector using the row_index and column_index in the Selector and their value should be changed as per your grid row.
so you can use a counter inside the loop and that counter should increase its value after traversing the first row and so on.

Hope this will resolve your problem

Happy Automation. :slight_smile:

thanks for speedy reply, how to create selector dynamic as you mention, sory i’m still newbie for this.

can you give me example, because i still confused how to create, or you have reference video on youtube…
thanks for replying.

Can u show the selector in ui explorer

this is what i create, also ui Explorer for Type into

Can you see in the in Selected Item Tree in right side there is property called rowindex or may be table row and table column like that if you find that you need to include those in your selector and you need to create a counter inside your workflow and assign that initial value what ever the first row index value in your grid . and then change the rowindex value from your selector as counter value and inside the loop increase the counter value

Please see the highlighted item in screenshot you need to include those in your selector

pardon me, i’m still no clue about this…i will try to check first as you mention.

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Hi @Felix_Gunawan

@Gopal_Tewari1 meant is add the table row and tablecolumn attribute in the selector

Then at at the end of every for each row incremement the table row attribute by one

While within filling the each column of the table for that row , use table Col attribute for that


Nived N :robot:

“<…tableCol=‘{{colNum}}’ tableRow=‘{{rowNum}}’ …/>”
in the selector where colNum resp. rowNum are Int32 variables which you calculate iteratively, i.w. in your case initialize rowNum with 1 and increment by 1 after handling each row.