Data read from excel and type into web application

Hello Guys,

i have my data in excel, that need to type into web application and search for each data in that particular row. can you guys help me with it.



Buddy @Srinu6038
Kindly find the below steps that could help you resolve your issue

  1. Excel application scope activity with input of file path
  2. Use read range activity with input of sheet name and output of variable of type datatable named out_dt
  3. Use a for each row loop to iterate through each row in the loop and pass the input as out_dt obtained from previous activity
  4. say if you want to get the first column value for each row in the table use a assign activity buddy
    like this
    out_cell_value = row(0).ToString
    where 0 is the columnindex and you can also mention the columnname in string between double quotes like this
    out_cell_value = row(“columnname”).ToString
  5. Then still being in for each row loop, next to the above assign activity us a open browser activity and mention the URL of your web application and use type into with the above variable out_cell_value as input and search for each data in that particular row as you want, but keep in mind that the selector of open browser must be handled wih dynamic selectors replaced with wildcard * symbol, that is the changing attributes in the selector like title and aaname must be replaced with * symbol
  6. Thats all buddy you are done…
    Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
    Cheers @Srinu6038
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Thanks for the reply!!!

still i didn’t get through it. sorry to say this,
see the attached images for input and file

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Buddy may i know where you want to type these values… You have used a type into activity…may i know where it is going to type…a web browser…? Buddy @Srinu6038

yes it goes to web browser, i opened web browser in previous steps and came to excel part

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Buddy then may i know what was error showing out buddy @Srinu6038

Hi @Srinu6038

I have created workflow based on your requirement run and check let me know. (30.3 KB)

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its working

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Cheers buddy
Keep going… @Srinu6038

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