Typeinto activity is not working in production environment where it is working in test

Hi Team,
I have developed a code where bot will click WIN+R hotkey , and in place of cmd bot will type excel to open excel application.
when I run this code in production I am facing error that (UI Corresponding to this selector cannot find)


Can anyone help to solve this issue.
Thanks in Advance


Welcome to our UiPath community.

You mean want to open blank excel file ?

If yes then use Start process activity and pass below value to open the excel file.

      "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office 16\EXCEL.EXE"

If you are using other Microsoft office version then path may change.

I can not use particular location , since in user machines they have different locations


Excel location path will be constant across all the machines in your organization and it won’t be changed.

Check ClickBeforeTyping, Emptyfield, SendWindowMessage properties for Type Into activity and pass below value to it.



Uncheck SimulateType property.

For my clarification should I need to pass this - “Excel[k(enter)]” in all three properties ( ClickBeforeTyping , Emptyfield , SendWindowMessage)

I am facing error that , implicit conversion from string to Boolean


Sorry for the confusion.

You should pass above value under Text property.

Remaining should be checked to True.

I have a doubt , will changing text property help, when selector it self is not working